The Final Week

Well, somehow we have arrived at the final week of Alzar. I can’t believe that in one week from today, I’ll be home in Boston, the semester really has flown by. The past two weeks have been the busiest ones yet. I took the AP Bio exam on Monday (and I think it went okay…) and have been working on all my final projects, and student for exams.

Aside from that, we have been kayaking at the whitewater park nearby, and hiking in the woods. Last weekend we all took a Swift water Awareness class and practiced our self and group rescue skills. While the water was freezing, it was good to get some practice swimming through rapids and throwing ropes to others.

This weekend we have lots of packing, studying, and hang out time and next week we’ll take exams, go rafting, and graduate! Thank you to everyone who has been following my blog, I hope all is well outside our bubble.

I might have the chance to post again before I leave, but if not, this will be my final post.



  1. fotos geniales Abe. gracias por compartir y mantener el BLOG. qué gran experiencia has tenido. suerte en la última semana y no dudes en visitarnos al volver. un cordial saludo, el sr. steffey


  2. HI Abe, thanks for last blog. Gogo and I are in LA. Redondo Beach to be exact. We have spent two days on the beach, or near the beach. Weather has not been cooperating for us, but we have done some nice things nevertheless. We biked yesterday and the day before. They have these wonderful 50 year old bikes here with wide balloon tires and they blow them up as much as they can. It is really a nice ride that way. Little resistance while secure and comfortable.
    We arrived on Monday night, and though we were expected to go directly to the beach, we instead rented a hotel near Peter and Polly, and joined Rebecca and Nomi for lunch the following morning. Peter was overjoyed! When Becca and Nomi left to return to Boston, we left for our beach adventure. We have been feeding huge ocean birds that come right up tour veranda looking for food. We have photos. Bec and Nomi bought me a huge hat to protect from sun that never really came up. The hat is big enough for two-you will see photo later.
    We came upon a huge fish market, near by at Redondo Beach, all very fresh since most of the crabs, all kind of varieties are still alive. But at $47 bucks a crack, Gogo decided fresh shrimp would do instead, We then went to an interesting looking place which turned out to be a Basque tapas restaurant featuring an an interesting variety of food not seen before. We had stuffed dates wrapped with jason (jambon) and stuffed with a cheese. Probably not on my diet. Then a cashew mushroom soup that even Gogo went nuts for. Then the piece the resistance was what they called 120 year old bread. We will have to describe that to you later. i broke my diet for a piece of that.
    Today we are off to back to North Hollywood to visit more with Peter and Steven and families and to attend Kirsten’s graduation. Love to you! Ops and Logo (still sleeping!)


  3. It’s been so much fun following you through your travels! Thanks for your blog! Aunt Perri

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