Update on these busy weeks!

Well, it’s been a busy last week and the pace won’t let up for this coming one! Last Thursday started Parents Weekend, and I was a leader. We had about 100 visitors on campus who we corralled through academic presentation, technical skill presentations, and conferences. I presented on Vectors for math, and CPR for First Aid.

On Friday night, my family took me from Alzar for a few days of catching up and relaxing. My mom and I went for a run on Saturday morning (first photo), and despite the family injuries, we somehow made it to a hot springs, and up to McCall, ID for lunch.

After they dropped me off on Sunday morning, we went right into AP Exam study time. I have my bio exam in less than a week, so I’ll be busy busy busy until then. I will do my best to post sometime this weekend, we’re doing a Swift water Awareness Safety course.

In the meantime, enjoy these photos from expedition and here in Idaho.



  1. Thanks for your great updates , Abe.
    Nana and I are in Paris where I have been helping to teach a course on starting biomedical enterprise to teams from all over the EU. I am mentoring two teams, one that has a new nano particle for both diagnosing and treating brain and other solid tumors and another team aiming to diagnose and diminish post operative cognitive decline. Exciting stuff.
    Tomorrow I head to Barcelona where we will be doing a similar course for teams from Catalonia. Then back to Boston on Saturday.
    Good luck on your Bio exam. Can’t wait to see you at the end of May. Time to build a yurt in your back yard?
    Love Pop


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