And I’m Back!

Last night we got back from our two weeks of expeditions in the Owyhee Canyon lands. I spent the first week kayaking and rafting down a wild section of the Owyhee River, traveling through two massive canyons at extremely high water. We navigated through multiple Class 4 rapids and dozens of Class 3. It was the most exciting river travel I have ever had, and so fun!

Our second week was spent hiking in the Owyhee Canyon Desert. After a steep start though a red rock canyon, we traversed in a trail-less section of grassy hills and plateaus, making our way towards our next campsite. On the third day, we entered Painted Canyon and camped in between the massive orange walls. The entire hike was intensely beautiful and challenging, but fun at the same time. I took literally hundreds of pictures on the backpacking expedition, and here are a few to share now. The rest will be posted on my Flickr account (link in my next post!)

I will be here in Idaho for the next three and a half weeks, then we graduate. It is crazy how fast the semester has gone, and I have been having a blast every step of the way. I hope everyone is well and that you enjoy these photos!



  1. Excellent photos Abe! and we are glad you are back and will finish up soon. We look forward to seeing you. ops


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