Getting ready for expeditions

As our school week winds down, we are all gettting excited for the coming weeks of expeditions. I’ll be spending the next two weeks in the Owyhee Mountains and River in Oregon, hiking and kayaking.

Before then, we have lots of food prep, packing, and route planning to do, and I am excited to head back into the woods.

It snowed last night! Just about a half inch, but the entirety of campus was covered in a light dust of white when we woke up.

I will do my best to blog again before we head out, but if not, I’ll be back in connection by Saturday April 27th with lots of new stories to write.

Until then, all is well, and we are enjoying our continued winter!


  1. It is really very beautiful out there. Any buffalo around? Looks like Indian territory in a way. Look forward to your next report. Ops


  2. Such adventures you have had! I hope you will still want to return to the “Hill”! The tree buds are starting to swell around campus, a promise of spring, I am ready! Your photos have been so beautiful, keep them coming. I hope the rest of your time away is as magical as the first part.
    Mrs. R


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