Where am I? You may ask…

I thought it might be a good idea to let everyone know where I am…

We are staying at Cabanas Don Joaquin just outside of Coyhaique, Chile. We’re pretty south, only a few hours from Patagonia National Park. Right now I’m sitting in my crazy creek chair on a small beach along the Rio Simpson. We can check out to go down to the river whenever we want, and I just finished my homework for the day. This part of the river is calm, we will swim again here later this afternoon. Looking up, there are fields of yellow grass and green trees. There’s also this massive rock face looking down at us. Wherever we are in Coyhaique, we can look up at the rock face and figure out where to go, we live right below it. The face itself is probably seven or eight thousand feet tall, likely more, but it feels small from here.

Around me I can hear the sounds of the river, fish jumping, bees buzzing, birds chirping, and the wind blowing the leaves around. It’s peaceful down here, and very fitting to read my Bio textbook while in nature.

Tomorrow I will go to the city after school, my first free time there. I will hopefully find some wifi, which we don’t have at our cabanas (cabins) and post some more photos.

I hope you have a better sense of where in the world I am, I’ll let everyone know before I go into the woods in Chile on March 4th. I hope everyone is well and enjoying winter…its still summer here!

There will be pictures soon hopefully! I’m still in the process of uploading them, it takes almost an jour for each one with cafe wifi!

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