And we’re off (tomorrow)

It has been another crazy day! We all packed our clothes for the next six weeks into our two bags and loaded them onto the trailers. We’ll head out tomorrow morning at seven am for the airport in Boise. After four flights, hopefully we’ll end up in Chile!

I have been having so much fun, from school to photos, running to cleaning and cooking, and everything in between. Again, I will not have regular wifi in Chile, so I’ll do my best to upload whenever I have the chance! I will miss everyone and see you on the other side!

I’ll be back in Boston from March 20th to the 25th, hope to see you all then.

Enjoy these last photos, I took a bunch of ones of the stars and lights two nights ago, hope they turned out okay!

Signing off from Idaho,



  1. HI Abe, love your photos especially the first one, but the others too. Have a save and wonderful ride over. Look forward to hearing from you after you arrive. all best wishes, Opa


  2. I love to look up at the heavens! You are looking at a little different piece where you are now, and a whole different sky where you are going. Stay safe and keep taking the photos! I love seeing where you are and what you are doing. Best Mrs. R


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