Skiing Day 2 and Recharge Day

Apologies for not posting last night! Our wifi was down and it seemed like the world was on fire, no one knew what to do!

On Sunday, my group went skiing again at Brundage Mountain. We had gotten almost 7 inches of powder the night before and it was snowing all day (another 5 inches), so much powder! I had never really skied on powder before so it took some getting used to, but eventually I got into it and had a blast! At the very end of the day, the sky opened up, the sun came out, and we could see the valley and mountains below.

Around 4pm the mountain was pretty deserted, and we rushed back down to Cascade for the Super Bowl! On the bus, someone streamed the game and we met up with the group watching right before the halftime show. Everyone was piled into one of the larger classrooms/function rooms, and we had pizza and snacks. Us Patriots fans banded together in the front of the room, taking much hate from almost everyone else, although there was only one Ram’s fan in the crowd. After the game, there were tears and many items thrown in disgust! It was very exciting.

Yesterday we had a Recharge Day and have spent the time doing homework, having intense snowball fights in our 10 inches of fresh snow, decorating our camping bowls with duct tape, and learning about our upcoming time in Chile.

It will take us four flights to get to Coyhaique, the town in southern Chile where we will live for four weeks. Just so you know, I will not have constant WiFi access where we will be living and will only be able to upload photos and blog posts when we go into the city, probably about once per week. For the last two weeks in Chile, we’ll be off the grid on rivers and in the mountains of Patagonia National Park. I will be sure to share all of my photos as soon as we get back to internet but am excited to spend some time off the grid.

I will then be home in Boston for about 5 days (3/20-3/25) and then back in Idaho for the rest of the semester. I hope everyone is well and cannot wait to see some of you when I come home in 7 weeks!


  1. Wow. Sounds like a fun, snowy skiing experience, and Super Bowl “party”! I can’t believe how soon you are going to Chile! Do you know what the weather will be like there?
    4 flights! Do you know about each of the planes you’ll be flying in?


  2. me encanta ver todo lo que estás haciendo. fenomenal. pásalo bien y suerte con el viaje a Chile. un abrazo, el sr. steffey


  3. Hi Abe, thanks for your last memo. All very interesting and your trip to Chile will be exciting. Off the Grid-Dont know if we can handle that? We here are OK, weather patterns are up and down more like a dojo. From 60 to 20 within a day. OK, Abe, I am assuming you are reading these notes? Stay well, Opa


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