Skiing Day 1

We’re on the bus back from skiing at Brundage Ski Resort in McCall, ID. It was a really fun and adventure-packed day of skiing, sliding, and spending time with everyone. Once we all got our rental gear, we split into three groups by ability level for lessons in the morning.

Our instructor was an awesome German lady who took us to all the cool spots on the mountain. We did this one trail called Hidden Valley twice with her. To get there, you take a narrow path with moguls and jumps to the top of a cliff-like spot. From there to the bottom it’s a choose your own adventure through the woods on hundreds of different combinations of trails.

It was nerve wracking the first time down, but felt so good to get to the bottom and look back. After our lesson, we had lunch in the lodge, stretched out a bit and took a group run down together.

The weather for the whole day was very weird. At the base of the mountain it was drizzling on and off, and it was full on snowing at the summit. Once we passed about 5000ft on the lifts we were in the clouds and it was really foggy. It was very disorienting to ski in the fog, but as we went further and further down the trails, the visibility got much better. The weather didn’t ruin the day though, just made it more exciting.

With my History teacher Lee, a group of 8 of us checked out the other side of the mountain on a bunch of different runs. We went off some jumps in the terrain parks as well as on the sides of the trails which was awesome!

For our last run of the day, we went back to Hidden Valley with most of the group.

Backat the lodge, most of us got matching Brundage sweaters/sweatshirts that we’re all going to wear tonight.

I hope you enjoy the photos, I’ll try to take more at the mountain when it’s nicer tomorrow. We’re supposed to get a bunch of powder overnight so conditions should be great tomorrow!


    1. Hi Abe
      AMAZING!! I’m glad you’re having an experience that is exciting and different from life in Brookline. Gives life on the range a whole different meaning. And wow, look at all those stars (you too!).
      All Brookline misses you.
      Can you run in all that snow, or are you getting your exercise on skis now? Do you also snowshoe?
      How are your classes? Do you have history lessons on the slopes while you’re skiing?
      We’re busy without you. I gave a lecture in a course at MGH yesterday to a group of MD/PhD’s. A very smart group. Fortunately, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that they haven’t seen before! They each have exciting research projects, from treating new and rare diseases, to new ways of imaging the body. The faculty’s role is to help them understand how to think about working with industry and how to optimize their project work so that it will be ready for a company to take over the next steps.
      I see all the snow, stars and trees. Any animals? Have they taught you how to skin your own dinner?? Nana and I may have told you about our trip to Alaska. People there can put their name on the “road kill” list. When an animal, like a moose, is killed by a car or truck, they call the next person on the list to come and get their meat for the winter. Hmmmm., Being a vegetarian is looking better and better. Tofu anyone?
      Have a fabulous time.


  1. I am early for Lev’s game. Thinking of you. Running Salty on the field. It is 60degrees. Patriots had 1,000,000 fans on the street today. Good travels, Nana

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