End of the Week

TGIF! It’s been a really weird week. It seems like I’ve been at Alzar forever, but the days and weeks are flying by. It’s also warm out! 40°F! We’re all out on the porch listening to music and taking photos!

Classes have been really good. We’re reading a book right now about a boy from Chile in Spanish class and learning some new Chile/Outdoor vocab. In English we’re reading a book about a guy who moved to Idaho to live alone in the woods for a winter and spring for the Parks Service. It’s eerily similar to my arrival and first days at Alzar (I think that’s on purpose!). Leadership has been really interesting, exploring communities in our life and characterizing leaders in our lives. Math lined up pretty well and there are only three other kids in my class so we can fill in where everyone left off. Everyone is in different places for Bio so we split up into smaller groups to continue. Along with one of the other AP kids I am keeping up with Bio at home, which is working out well. Today we went for a run in PE and we did a workout on the patio outside the Barn, it was awesome.

Tonight we’re doing some activities and then heading off to bed. Tomorrow I go skiing!!! I’m so excited! We’re supposed to get some light snow during the day, heavy powder during the night and more on Sunday so skiing conditions will be perfect on the mountain.

The other crazy thing is that we’re going to Chile in 9 days! It has crept up so quickly, but everyone is getting excited for the trip.

I don’t know if I have posted these first pictures before, I haven’t gotten the change to upload my new ones. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow! Trip to Chile is coming fast! Exciting times. Not sure how you keep up with academics with all the outdoor activities- you must sleep well at night!


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