Busy, busy, busy

Well…it’s been a busy last few hours. I just switched a few classes around so I’ve been catching up on readings and prepping for tomorrow. I did get the chance to take and edit some pictures today! I also got my new neutral density filter and tried out some long exposures (in English, basically I can take really long pictures to get cool movement shots). You can see it in the fire picture I’ll put below.

This week is just normal classes, but on Saturday my group is going skiing and it’s supposed to snow both days we’re on the mountain! So excited!

Here are the pictures from today and yesterday (and also one of me at dinner) hope you enjoy!



  1. Hi Abe, nice shots, they are getting better and better! Sounds like a busy program there but I do believe you are enjoying every minute of it. Good for you. Picked up Manny from gym to day, he had an extra hour of coaching and boy was he exhausted! The ;weather is slowly but surely getting a bit warmer after the record cold a couple of days ago. Stay well and be well, spa


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