Recharge Day

Today was a Recharge Day. After four busy days of Orientation Expedition, it was nice to have some time to do some work, take pictures, have free time, and get my packages! We started the day with a late breakfast of pancakes, which were awesome. Then we had some free time and a community meeting. Every Monday before lunch, the whole school, students, faculty, and staff, all meet together to discuss issues in the community and things we are doing well.

After lunch, we had more free time, and a few other kids and I took a walk up to the Barn for some bouldering, ping pong, pull ups, and spike ball. There’s a girl named Anna who’s a black belt, so she taught us to punch and kick, which was really cool. On the way back from the barn, I took some more photos of the valley. We then had some Yurt Cleaning time in preparation for a random inspection sometime in the next few days.

After dinner we had a study hall because we have classes tomorrow. I also got to catch up on Bio readings from home so I can stay on top of AP Bio. I hope you like the photos, they took about an hour to upload! The internet is being really slow.

Good night!


  1. keep the pictures coming, they are awesome! Congrats on your art award too! Glad you are getting a chance to recharge-they keep you busy!


  2. Abe, so glad to hear how well everything is going! It sounds like an excellent program, and an excellent fit for you. Your pictures are terrific, too.

    Take care, Dr. T


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