Just some pictures

All is well. I finished my Wilderness First Aid Course and ended up teaching a few sections to practice for this summer when I’ll teach First Aid at the Sailing School. I just have some photos to share tonight, hope you like them!


  1. Hi Abe
    It’s early morning here and I’m still awake so I can share with you that I am enjoying your photos and blog. Tonight Opa and I hosted a dinner party for Cathy French, her new guy Jon Menkis, and David Hoose, the conductor of Collage and his wife Amy. Amy works in the sacred music program at Hebrew College with cousin Michael Shire Anyway, your name came up in our conversation so we showed them some of the photos on your blog…..I am especially happy that there are now photos of YOU! I love all your photos but I was hungry to see you too so you did a great thing by establishing an iCloud share album for Alzar. Seeing you in the photos reminded me of your dad at the same age. Cathy asked us to send you hellos and hugs. Cathy plans to spend the next three months in Leipzig, Germany playing in the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra that is conducted by Andris Nelsons who conducts the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Cathy also plays violin in Collage. We’re all good friends.

    I’ll close now in saying I miss you.

    Lots of love



  2. Looks like you’re settling in well, Abe! Congrats in absentia for this morning’s art award! I believe that your brother picked up your award for you. Great photos! el sr h


  3. Wonderful updates Abe. Glad to see that you are enjoying everything that Idaho has to offer. It was also nice to see some pictures of you and your classmates. I am sure you have already started to forge what will most likely be life long friends. Keep the fire stoked and the cookies fresh!

    Chris, Liz, Jack, and Olivia!


  4. I’m glad you got to brush up on your First Aid skills in advance of this summer. You’ll be extra prepared for it! How is the food over there?


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