First Aid and Pictures of Me

I set up a school wide iCloud Album so we could all share photos, and finally got some of me! Today I had Wilderness and Remote First Aid. I took the equivalent class over the summer, but it was fun to cement everything, help everyone else learn the skills. The instructors let me teach some of the sections with them too. Tomorrow will be full of scenarios and practice, which I can’t wait for.

A few hours ago, we did an exercise where we paired up with someone else and had really deep conversation answering questions they gave us. It was really cool to learn about someone else and to share more about myself with someone new.

I’m heading off to bed, it’s been a fun but busy day.

P.S. Most of us are ‘Smurfs’ in our kayaking gear, I, for example, have a blue life jacket, blue shirt, and blue helmet, somewhat unfortunate but funny looking (see the last picture).

1 Comment

  1. Hi Abe
    Hadn’t read this blog post before. There are girls there!
    I love your smurf outfit.
    I don’t want to be critical, but when your heading is, “First Aid and Pictures of Me”, your relatives might be worried…
    Glad my worry was unfounded.


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