DAY 4: Team Building and Sunset

Today we stuck with our groups from yesterday to continue Orientation Expeditions. My group stayed at school for Campus Orientation. We chopped lots of wood, did laundry and made bread and cookies in the kitchen. We also went on a campus scavenger hunt on snowshoes which took us all across the 100 acre area and was so fun! The best part of the day was a solo reflection. We all took notebooks and Crazy Creek chairs and spread out around campus. We then wrote letters to our future end of semester selves, which was a really interesting exercise.

Tomorrow I start the Wilderness and Remote First Aid class (WRFA), which I am very excited for. I also took some sunset pictures during my reflection, check them out!


  1. Any time you can sit quietly and take time to reflect is a good time.
    I’m impressed with all the skill activities with which you are engaged: baking, cleaning, chopping wood and your upcoming first aid which I know you will love!


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