DAY 3: Pictures and Kayaks

Today we split up into three different groups to do ‘Orientation Expeditions.’ My group learned about kayaking, and ‘the barn,’ basically the outdoor expedition center. After lunch, we went to the local pool, just a few minutes away at the Rec center. The pool was covered in a vacuum sealed bubble, so it was nice and warm. The twelve of us in the group all hopped into our kayaks and split up into smaller groups to work with instructors on different kayaking skills. We started by just getting into the water, then practiced capsizing, doing ‘wet exits,’ and different types of strokes. Once everyone was comfortable with that, we practiced sitting under water upside down for a few seconds at a time.

The ultimate kayak skill to start learning for the day was doing a roll (aka Eskimo roll). Before starting, we took a hot tub and breathing break, then headed back into the kayaks. It took me a while, maybe forty five minutes, but pretty soon I was getting close to doing the roll. One kid in our group, who was a very good kayaker, helped me with the last steps and finally I was able to roll! I then spent the rest of the time practicing and practicing again and again.

After coming back to campus, I had some time to talk pictures, which you can see below. I also got my photo editing software set up so I could make them black and white!



  1. Hi Abe! We just love following your blog! I have to say your photos are simply exquisite and remind us of the amazing times we had & the majestic beauty of Idaho! It sure was one of my favorite places we’ve lived and I’m so happy for you embarking on this adventure! The yurt is pretty amazing! I’ve always wanted to stay in one and now I can… vicariously through your posts😉. It sounds like you’re settling in well and doing some pretty amazing things! Mastering the kayak roll in a day is awesome! Do you practice in the heated pool? I bet the hot tub breaks are nice as well!!
    I know you put your heart into everything you do! Keep it up and we are so proud of you!
    I was just telling Chris I’d love for jack to spend some time with you in the future! I know you’d be a great mentor to him! He certainly has a sparkle in his eye when he hears about all the neat things you’ve embarked upon!
    Well, go have fun; keep telling your stories through the lens and we will be Eagerly awaiting your future posts!! Much love!! Liz (J&O) Phillips


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