DAY 2: Fun and Photos

All is well. I had a good second day of classes. After lunch on Monday’s and Wednesday’s all the students have free time when there is a Faculty Meeting. I got about 15 kids together to sign out and head down on snow shoes to the river. We had a massive snowball fight, made snow angels, and took some pictures. My camera batteries were all frozen when I turned them on so I only got a few shots in/from my yurt.

I am heading off to bed, we have a full extended weekend of orientation expeditions and next weekend I go skiing! Enjoy the few pictures, I didn’t get my editing software running on the iPad yet, so more tomorrow…


  1. Hi Abe, thanks for the update and photos. Keep em coming. We had a pretty good storm here and cold with snow four inches deep turned to solid ice. Yesterday it warmed up and today it is going up to 50 degrees , I think, Snow and ice are melting fast! I can hear the wind howling though nevertheless. Ok Abe, keep well and thanks for your messages, Opa


  2. Hi Abe, I love your blog particularly the part about stoking the wood stove fires all night. That seems to be a family thing that you’re carrying on in Idaho. Your North Georgia ancestors (Aunt Dosie and Uncle George) were farmers and a single wood stove warmed their house. We keep the tradition going in Red Rock. I’m a little confused about exactly where your bed is. Missing you. Gogo


  3. It sounds like you are off to a great start! The woodstove will dry all your wet gear quickly! My stove has a drying bar for mittens. Awesome to have people to share the stoking!


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