Idaho or bust…

Well…we made it to Idaho! My mom and I arrived in Boise by way of Denver, and filled our rental car with my bags of gear. After a quick stop at Walmart for the last few things, we hit the road north. There’s really only one major northbound highway in this part of the state, and it passes through two National Forests and countless small towns.

After seeing the sign for Cascade (where I will be going to school), we decided to stop by the Alzar School to check it out. My semester there doesn’t start until Monday, but it was just off the main road, so we took a look. The school is tucked down a small road behind an even smaller airfield, and we didn’t explore too far, but the buildings we saw looked awesome.

On our way out of Cascade, we passed through the main block of stores. The single story buildings are all slightly different, but they all have the same woodsy inviting feel. There’s just about everything you would need, barber shop, grocery store, lots of outdoors gear stores, a post office, and more.

We’re at a lakeside lodge in McCall, Idaho right now, and will head to school on Monday. For now, it’s the pool, s’mores, and Netflix!

Idaho Route 55; Boise National Forest
Over the Rockies: DEN to BOI
Departing Boston at 7:20am


  1. Abe, it is so fantastic that you’ll be blogging! I look forward to seeing and reading about all of your adventures! Soak in all of the newness and have so much fun. Xo Mere


  2. Abe- I am happy to hear that you made it to my home state! Enjoy this adventure and everything that comes with it. If allowed- hit up Lardos (heading north out of McCall) and go for the Prime Rib dinner.


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